I recently graduated with distinction from a double master’s at Imperial College London and the Royal College of Art. Now, I am working on shade, while also tutoring at the M.Eng in Design Engineering, in the module Introduction to Design Engineering at Imperial College London.

After having graduated from Aalborg University in Copenhagen with a bachelors degree in Sustainable Design Engineering I was longing for a more tangible and global experience. Even though Brexit and COVID-19 brought chaos to being abroad, it’s been a great test to thriving in constant change. 

I am always open to collaborations and talks. 

Through my studio, Potnia, I do commissioned work as life cycle analysis, strategy and concept development — all with the environment at it’s core. Get in touch if you’re intrigued and/or want to know more. 

You can pronounce my name in various ways ~ Sillie, Silay, Sillee. I’m ok with all

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