Strategy for a sustainable food culture

Developing a food culture based on nature’s pantry 

On Stokkøya in rural Norway they are going to experience the climate change first hand. With rising sea levels and acidification of our oceans the local produce is in imminent danger. Sadly they already experience some of the effect from plastic pollution in the oceans.

I went there to assist the local bakery in minimising their environmental impact and create a strategy for creating a sustainable food culture. 

To embrace our guests with a continuing development of our space means to secure a steady supply of local as well as global resources. In our guidelines for practice, we are laying the ground rules for what it means to be a sustainable bakery in rural Norway.

We asked ourselves:
How might we insure that The Trøndelag Food Manifesto and the UN Sustainable Development Goals are put to practice, while also fostering a sustainable food culture within Bygda 2.0?

With user involvement we defined four areas within which the actions would be placed. These were responsible production, animal welfare, supporting the community and conscious consumption. 

Responsible production

As the quality of our goods in the bakery are fully dependent on the ingredients we use, we are constantly improving our methods and suppliers. We are working towards becoming fully organic, but in doing so we want to take our time to make sure that we have a steady and reliable supplier.

Keywords: organic, fairtrade, no pesticides
Animal welfare

In the bakery, animal produce are key ingredients in our pastries. We strongly believe in animal wellbeing, which is why we are working towards only having free range eggs and organic dairy products and other produce from animal origin.

Keywords: animal welfare, free range, organic
Supporting the communty

We are largely dependent on our locals and guests of the island, this is why supporting our community is one of the foundational pillars of our production. We have unique possibilities in our surrounding environment, both in the ocean and in the mountains.

Keywords: locally grown, foraging, community

Conscious consumption

The business is dependent on and driven by consumption, and we want to make sure our bakery strives towards having the lowest impact and is fostering conscious consumption. This includes adopting the methods of circular economy, encouraging and raising awareness about food waste.

Keywords: single-use plastics, take away, packaging, waste

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