The Waterless Wash

“The future of washing is waterless”

The Waterless Washing Company 

So why is a waterless wash needed? We are already seeing water shortages all across the world, with 17 countries, home to one-quarter of the world’s population, facing extreme water stress in 2019 alone.

Trends suggest this problem is only going to grow worse in the future, affecting rich and poor countries alike. With a household’s washing machine using 13,000 litres of fresh water per year, change is definitely needed.

As we’re so often told in adverts, washing machines and detergents are designed to clean the dirtiest, most badly stained garments we have.

However, when we took laundry basket inventories, we found that on average 76% of the clothes people washed were dirt-free. For these clothes a traditional water wash is harsh, damaging, and unnecessary, but consumers currently don’t have a better option. Our process gives them one.

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