shADe is an AI-powered web companion and form of digital protest that helps you see the truth past greenwashing advertisements on the web. 

Our goal is to allow consumers to make sustainable decisions in fashion while incentivising brands to invest in sustainable practices.

Greenwashing is now a marketing strategy in the fashion industry. Consumers buy garments advertised as ‘green’ or ‘sustainable’, but sometimes the sustainable branding does not translate to sustainable practices in the companies themselves. How might we allow consumers to easily recognise greenwashing, while also supporting brands that practice what they preach?

Digital marketing accounts for 66% of fashion brands’ marketing budgets. We can help consumers make more informed choices online.

We are currently developing shADe. Get in touch with us here.

Features ~ 

The team ~~
Besides myself, the main team consists of my fantastic peers Jenny, Fati & Sami. 

Jenny is an interaction designer that likes to think about HCI, craft, and ethics, amongst 123456 other things. She can usually be found making some toast topped with  lao gan ma.

Fati is an environmental scientist, designer & storyteller. She daydreams about future worlds, and often contemplates whether parallel universes have succeeded in finding balance between humans and nature.

Sami is a wannabe solarpunk internet denizen making and thinking through motion, code, and metaphor. Striving to be the best steward of ordinary ideas.

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